Exporting MUSICA to MIDI

To Export your MUSICA project into a MIDI file, use the Export JSON button and then click Download when the option appears. This will save a file with text-based, JSON representation of your entire MUSICA project – although only the score, not a particular performance of it. To obtain the MIDI version of a performance in a particular style, you can download and run one of the following scripts based on your operating system.

LICENSE & DISCLAIMER: This software is for non-commercial, personal use only. This is experimental software with no guarantees or support. Our executables may or may not work on your particular OS version.

The Json2Midi script can be run in a terminal, command prompt, or powershell with the following syntaxes for Windows and Mac respectively:

./Json2Midi.exe download.json out.mid style_name
./Json2Midi download.json out.mid style_name

where style_name is one of the following (capitalization matters!):

  • SimpleBossa
  • BetterBossa
  • SimpleWalking
  • BetterWalking
  • SimpleFunky
  • SimplePiano

For example, using BetterBossa with the Windows-style command:

./Json2Midi.exe download.json out.mid BetterBossa

The SCORE_ONLY option yields a very literal MIDI interpretation of the project’s score without any accompaniment or solo improvisation. For all other styles, every execution of the script will potentially yield a different result since accompaniment will be improvisational. You can open the resulting MIDI files in score editors (we recommend MuseScore) or in a Digital Audio Workstations (DAW).