MUSICA (MUSical Interactive Collaborative Agent) is an interactive online system for creating and playing jazz. Users can create short melodies, arrange them into a larger piece, and then improvise with the aid of a computer-generated band. Unlike most existing music software, MUSICA features a natural language interface to create scores and its generative jazz band can actively listen to the users solos and respond to them in real time.

Go to our online demo: demo.musicaresearch.org

NEW: f you want to export the score you created with MUSICA to MIDI format, you can download our MIDI converter script for Mac or Windows.

We also have a few online videos available for those who want a demonstration of the system and it’s capabilities.

DISCLAIMER: this is experimental software with no guarantees or support. Use Chrome on a recent Mac or Windows computer for best results. Our software may not work completely on your particular OS version, browser, device, or Internet connection. High bandwidth, low latency connections are necessary to use MUSICA as intended and those on slower connections may experience performance issues with our system.

MUSICA was funded in part by DARPA Grant W911NF-16-1-0567, part of the Communicating with Computers program.